Buttock Lift (Gluteoplasty)

Buttock Lift (Gluteoplasty)




Buttock Lift and Brazilian Buttock Lift BBL


Many people who have straight, loose or asymmetrical hips prefer undergoing gluteoplasty which also known as Buttock Lift or Brazilian Buttock Lift BBL in order to have round, plump, more symmetrical and more stylish hips. This aesthetic procedure is about improving the looks of women.

Buttock Lift is an aesthetic surgery that aims to improve the shape and look of the hips. Buttock lift can utilize different techniques for reaching a more aesthetic look. Before considering Buttock Lift surgery, you can check in with experienced surgeons about your options. This procedure draws many people from around the world to Tehran; which have plastic surgeons with long years of experience regarding especially Buttock Lift along with aesthetic surgeries.

You may need this surgery in these situations listed below:    


      •  If you desire to have strong buttocks with a pleasant look.If you want to enlarge your buttocks.
      • If you tried to improve the shape of your buttocks with exercises and diet but cannot manage it. 
      •  If your hips have lost its elasticity and are now saggy
      • If you lost too much weight and the skin of your buttocks is saggy now.


        Regarding the aim and physical status you desire, your plastic surgeon will give you the information needed and decide which option is fitting for you and yielding best results. For a more satisfactory result and more curviness, you can combine Buttock Lift with other aesthetic surgeries like Breast Lift.

        What are the instructions before Buttock Lift?


        Before deciding to have this surgery, consult your plastic surgeon. For best results, you need to follow some guidelines.

        • Your weight must be stable before surgery for at approximately a year.  Also, you should know that fluctuations of weight on later years may alter the results.

        • Quit smoking 6 weeks prior to surgery. Smoking may slow the healing process and may increase the risk of complications during surgery.

        • Apply a protein rich diet in order to prevent the problems during healing period.

        • Avoid drinking alcohol at least 1 week prior to surgery to prevent complications during surgery.

        • Avoid taking aspirin because it can increase bleeding.

        • Be ready to rest for 3 weeks at home.

        How is Buttock Lift Surgery done?


         Buttock Lift Surgery can be done with analgesia under local anesthesia. However, general anesthesia method is more commonly used. For the best results, the plastic surgeon combines different techniques.

        There are three main techniques that are commonly used in order to change the shape and improve the size of the hips. Traditional Buttock Lift, Brazilian Buttock Lift BBL, which also known as Fat Transfer and Hip Implants. The techniques are explained in detail below:


        Traditional Buttock Lift


        In Traditional Buttock Lift technique, long incisions are made on the buttocks for the surgeon to lift skin and fat layers. After that, the surgeon lifts and pulls the remaining skin and tissue then puts the skin back to its place. This surgery takes about 1 to 2 hours depending on the scale of the surgery.

        Brazilian Buttock Lift 

        In this technique, the fat is taken by the means of liposuction from other parts of the body like stomach or thigh. Fat cells are then purified and with utilizing fat transfer techniques, injected back to the hips. Because the fat used in this surgery comes from the patient’s own body, they are safer from hip implants and the results are long-lasting. It is the most natural way to have the most suitable hips.

        Silicone Implants


        Hip implants are utilized to make tighter buttocks. In this technique, long incisions will be made on the buttocks by the plastic surgeon to insert silicone implants. After the surgeon inserts the implants and feels satisfied with their locations, the implants are then going to be stabilized.

        Resting and healing process after this surgery:
        After the surgery, drains may be used to remove the fluids from the surgery area. When you are feeling comfortable with the drains and learn to look after them, you may leave the hospital. The surgeon will prescribe you with painkillers and antibiotics.
        After a few weeks, the swelling and bruises will go away. Try to not lift heavy things or overexert yourself for at least six weeks.
        You need to use pillows that are designed to lower the pressure when sitting. How long you do not sit on your buttocks determines the success of the surgery. For at least three weeks, avoid sitting on your buttocks. The treatment for the postoperative liposuction areas can help the healing of long incisions made on the buttocks for the operation.