Double Chin Surgery

Double Chin Surgery

What kind of surgery must be made to get rid of double chin? Double chin fundamentally originates from excessive fat and obesity and it becomes larger and more significant in time while it can occur in the early 20s and 30s. Although this condition is generally related to overweight, it is not always valid. Many patients complain from double chin after losing weight, because the factors like aging, anatomy and genetics can also affect the neck and chin area.

What are some of the suggested treatments?
Among all treatments, there are few operations which are really effective and give the best results:
What are some of the suggested treatments?
Among all treatments, there are few operations which are really effective and give the best results:

  • Liposuction:
With this operation, a small incision is made under the chin to fragment and remove the fat. Liposuction requires local anesthesia and no scar tissue forms thanks to bioabsorbable stitches. If necessary, chin and neck area is recontoured.
Postoperative period: the patient is ready to go home 3-4 days after liposuction for double chin. Bruises and swellings may persist for 10-14 days and daily activities are allowed thereafter.
  • Face lift:
This operation removes excess skin from face and chin and gently lifts the face up. It is generally performed under general anesthesia, but it can, sometimes, be performed under local anesthesia.
Postoperative period: patients can engage in activities of daily life 2 days after the surgery. Although there are bruises and swelling for the first 2 days, they generally disappear in Day 10.
  • Neck lift:
This operation varies according to the purpose. It is made for lifting the excess skin or tightening the neck muscles. Mostly, these two purposes are combined for a long-lasting result.
Postoperative period: It can take 2 weeks for the patients to resume their routine daily activities. Nevertheless, one must always remember that this depends on the patient’s condition and operation. In the first weeks after the operation, there can be bruises and swellings.
What is the best option?
This question does not have a correct answer. It depends on the patient’s age and the condition. Sometimes, it may need to go through two or more operations to achieve the best result. In elderly patients, face lift and neck lift are commonly performed after liposuction because skin is not elastic enough to recover on its own. Jaw implant is recommended for patients with abnormally curved jaw.
Who is the candidate for double chin operation?

Women and men from all age groups can benefit from it. However, the best candidates are the individuals who do not have any serious medical condition, generally healthy and do not smoke. Even if someone has a significant medical concern, consulting a physician helps them know what the best option is for them in this condition.

It is important for the patients to know what can be achieved with such an operation and to clearly state their expectations. The best result can be seen within one or two weeks; for this reason, it is required to be patient and follow up the instructions of the physician.


How long does it take?

Depending on the operation, it takes approximately 45 - 120 minutes. Since local or general anesthesia is administered, you do not feel any pain during the operation.


Recovery period of the double chin surgery

The patients can be discharged to home on the same day. A chin splint should be worn for 2 days after the operation. Bruises and swelling are normal and will disappear few days later.

The ultimate result of the double chin surgery can be seen 3 months later.

Avoid heavy tasks, try getting relaxed and use prescription painkillers if you feel any pain. This usuallay continues for the first 3 days.

It is recommended to lose 2-5 kg before the operation. Healthy diet and good sleep help the patients recover faster. The good news is that the operation can be combined with other cosmetic surgeries like jaw augmentation, rhinoplasty etc.

Double chin operation does not only correct the double chin but also improves the chin line and balances facial features.

It is important to preserve a stable weight after the operation, so the effects will last longer.