Diseases of middle ear, tympanic membranes and facial nerves and disorders originating from the location between the inner ear and the brain are managed in Otorhinolaryngology Department of ElixiMed. The head and neck cancers, such as pharyngeal cancer, parotid cancer and congenital cysts, are successfully treated.


Inflammatory, cystic and tumoral diseases of mouth cavity.

Treatment of acute and chronic sinusitis

Inflammation and enlargement of tonsils and adenoid tissue

Head and neck surgery

Nasal aesthetic

Deviated nasal septum

Diseases and management of jaw and facial bones

All diseases of external acoustic canal

Etiology and management of snoring

Disorders of middle ear and posterior structures

Aesthetic surgeries for conditions such as prominent ear

Speech disorder


Meniere’s disease

Seasonal and chronic allergic rhinitis

Middle ear diseases; acute and chronic inflammations; calcification in connection and middle ear and inner ear

Polyps, intranasal cancers

Inflammatory diseases of vocal cord

Conditions primarily manifested by headache, such as syncope


Otorhinolaryngology department carries out management of head and neck tumors and balance problems in cooperation with other departments.