Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation

Physical medicine and rehabilitation department is comprised of examination rooms, physiotherapy rooms and exercise halls, which are equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices, and outpatient, inpatient and critical-care patients are managed by our experienced physicians and physiotherapists.


Management of Lumbalgia and Cervicalgia

Correction of Joint Contracture

Preventing Joint Problems

Intra-articular Infection

Rehabilitation in postoperative period of microsurgical procedure of hand injuries

Treatment of Muscular Diseases with Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of Muscle, Tendon and Nerve injuries

Post-fracture Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Following Meniscus Surgery

Pain Management with Mesotherapy

Neural therapy

Rehabilitation of Osteoporosis and Degenerative Joint Diseases

Treatment of Scoliosis

Obstetric and Uro-gynecological Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation of arthroplasty patients

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for Rheumatoid Diseases

Respiratory Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries

Rehabilitation of Patients with Hemiparesis, Stroke or Spine Injury