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Surgical Solutions

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery, also called stomach bypass surgery, is one of the operations which is made to help obese people lose weight. It helps reducing excessive weight at 60-80% rate, and this operation is made with laparoscopic in many cases. Using laparoscopy helps easing the pain related to the surgical operation. It also makes recovery faster. This also decreases the hospitalization period. In order to increase the chance of losing kilograms after leaving from the hospital and decrease the postoperative complications, the patient needs to follow the given suggestions and instructions.

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Mini Gastric Bypass

This is the modified version of the classic Gastric Bypass which involves splitting the stomach vertically and closing with staplers to shape the stomach like a sleeve, leaving rest of the stomach intact and connecting the 2 meters forward of small intestine to the new stomach in a single connection way. In this surgery, the food ingested moves from the new stomach to the small intestine, bypassing most of it and this slows the absorption of food along with the amount of food that can be eaten because of the size of the new stomach.

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Gastric Plication

Gastric Plication process is done by making 5 little incisions in the abdomen and with the help of long endoscopic surgical tools along with an endoscopic lens, utilizing a laparoscopic surgery. The procedure utilizes 1 or 2 layers of sutures that cannot be absorbed by the body to fold the stomach wall. This procedure reduces the stomach capacity by %70, lowering the volume of food eaten.

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Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

With the severe damages caused by hypertension, high cholesterol, arthritis and sleep apnea and other obesity related diseases, obesity is one of the diseases that threats the person’s general health. The person becomes prone to heart diseases and atherosclerosis along with some fatal tumors such as cervical cancer and breast tumors.

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Metabolic Surgery

Metabolic syndrome is a disease which is manifested by weight gain, high blood glucose, hypertension and high blood cholesterol. Metabolic Surgery is the procedure that is utilized to treat metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome causes death due organ failures, loss of function, critical physical losses, and cardiovascular diseases secondary to being overweight, being obese, type II diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and gastrointestinal disorder.

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