Dynamic Four-Dimensional Body Shaping Technique 
The Dynamic Four-Dimensional Body Shaping Technique is a new paradigm change in the world of aesthetics and body recontouring. This new art was developed by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, who is a Columbian specialist on cosmetic surgery and one of the leading cosmetic surgeons around the world. 
It is named after its characteristic feature - the fourth dimension, which takes the motor dimension in to consideration, in addition to the three dimensions of height, width and depth.  
The fourth dimension or kinetic dimension is defined as muscular contraction, namely the change in body shape in the course of body movements. 
The Dynamic Four-Dimensional Body Shaping includes the coordination of body curves, emphasizing muscles under skin and defining them in all anatomical positions to achieve an athletic body.

Development of Body Coordination and Shaping Processes
Obesity and inconsistent body problem have always caused many psychological problems and society’s organic diseases. Consequently, many procedures and therapeutic methods emerged and recently, important developments have occurred in this field
Its beginning was the traditional liposuction, in which fat is aspirated/vacuumed from a specific part of the body. However, these operations were not free from risks and the results were not satisfactory.
Next, the methods which took the general harmony of the body into account were developed. Later, it was further developed for emphasizing the anatomical shapes of muscles under the skin in a stationary form, known as high definition lipid shaping.
Finally, Dynamic Four-Dimensional Body Shaping Technique, which also covered the motor dimension, has emerged. In this technique, body muscles under the skin are displayed in an inconsistent manner both in terms of steadiness and motion. 
Dynamic Four-Dimensional Body Shaping Technique combines the latest techniques which are used in liposuction to make the muscles under fat tissues more visible.

Stages of Dynamic Four-Dimensional Body Shaping Technique
Dynamic Four-Dimensional Body Shaping include two stages fundamentally:
  • Fat removal stage with vaser liposuction: In this operation, ultrasound is used to shape muscular fat and selectively emphasizing the muscles without harming the tissue around them. This technique is ideal to shape the anterior abdominal muscles for women or men. 
This procedure is characterized with no need to operation that involves risk of bleeding or bruising. Meanwhile, it is easier because the surgeon has more control during the procedure.
Vaser liposuction is similar to other liposuction procedures, but special cannulae and fat removing equipment, which allow removing fat around abdominal muscles more precisely, are used to ensure that an attractive shape is achieved.
  • Injecting fat into various parts of the body: Since the fat graft is far better purified than traditional liposuction, we can reinject it into any area, where it is needed like breasts, hips and shoulders
Specific standards and features of dynamic four-dimensional body shaping
  Muscular body: Dynamic four-dimensional body shaping is a very specialized and sensitive technique, yet it is not magic. If you do not have good muscle power, you may not achieve the best solution.
Skin flexibility: Skin health and flexibility are important for satisfying results.
Ideal weight: Your weight must not exceed your ideal weight for more than 7 kg.
Effect of smoking: Because smoking slows down the recovery period and increases the side effects of the procedure, it has negative effects on the procedure.

Results of Vaser Liposuction
Maximum speed: The results are apparent immediately after the procedure is completed and you can be discharged from the hospital on the same day.
Attractive Appearance: Do not expect four-dimensional body shaping technology make you look taller or thinner, but it certainly makes your body look better and your muscles more defined and beautiful.
Surgeon’s skill: Surgeon’s skill plays an important role in the final appearance, so you should choose a skilled specialist. You should take the “before and after” photographs of the persons, who have already undergone this procedure.

Recovery Period
Safe return: Four-dimensional body shaping does not harm skin, blood vessels or nerves. Therefore, there is not a long recovery period. You can engage in routine work life in the first week and you can start exercising gradually within maximum two or three weeks.
Follow the instructions: In order to shorten the recovery period, achieve the best results and maintain them, it is recommended that you should follow the instructions of the physician, given before and after the operation, and wear a support corset.

Maintaining the results of dynamic four-dimensional body shaping 
  Compliance and commitment: Your commitment to a healthy diet and doing exercise regularly allow the results to continue for long years.
Strong moral support: The surprising and fast results of dynamic four-dimensional body shaping create enormous help for maintaining healthy diet habits and sports programs by establishing great moral support.