Breast augmentation or mammoplasty is a plastic surgery that aims to increase the size of breasts, change the shape and restore the breasts to their natural look. Breast augmentation is generally applied to breasts that are smaller than naturally accepted size or breasts that have lost their volume due to pregnancy, old age or weight loss.
Usually known as breast implants or breast prosthetics, breast augmentation surgery is used to create an artificial breast for those who have undergone a mastectomy and have one or both breasts removed.
Breast augmentation is usually performed using implants but in some cases, a fat graft can also be used to minimally improve their breasts, if desired. Breast implants are prosthetics that are used to change size, shape or contour of the breasts for aesthetic reasons.

Do I need a Breast Augmentation
You can go through surgery in these cases:
If your breasts are fully developed,
If you are not pregnant or in breastfeeding period and are physically healthy,
If you have realistic expectations,
If your small breast size upsets and annoys you,
If your breasts have lost its normal shape and volume because of pregnancy, breastfeeding, losing weight or aging, and for this reason, you have lost your confidence,
If you have asymmetrical breasts,
If one or both of your breasts haven’t developed normally or had a saggy form
If you have gone through Mastectomy, you can undergo this surgery.

How Breast Augmentation is done? (Silicone Prosthetic)
Anesthesia: you will take intravenous sedation or general anesthesia for the operation. Your doctor will offer the best solution based on some factors and information about your status.
Surgical incisions: Considering the anatomy of the breast, type of surgery and the intended shape, different incisions can be made. Your doctor will try to hide the incisions to improve the implant visually. The incisions can be made on the areolar margin or, under the breast or armpits or above the belly button. The last mentioned incision causes no scar in breasts.
Placement of implant to the breast: implants are inserted through incisions and fitted under pectoral muscle or directly to the back of breast tissues. This will be decided by your doctor according to the type of implant, your body type, and the indeed shape and type.
Closing the incision: The incisions made on the breast tissue are closed with absorbable sutures and skin incisions are closed by thin and aesthetic sutures
Seeing the Results: You will instantly see the results of breast augmentation surgery. However, you need to wait a couple of weeks to have the swelling disappear and skin tissues and wounds heal before you see the final result.

Recovery after Breast Augmentation
After the surgery is completed, you will be transferred to the observation room, where you will stay until effects of anesthesia wear off and you are prepared to be discharged (you will stay here after surgery for an hour). Before leaving the hospital, your doctor will give you postoperative instructions and prescribe medicines. The drugs prescribed may include antibiotics and painkillers. Postoperative follow-up visits will be organized by your surgeons.
Follow the instructions of your surgeon and wear en elastic bra or elastic tape to support the breasts. Also, it can be recommended to clean or apply ointment or just dress the wound area. You must follow the instructions.
After the surgery, there may be minor bleeding in the first several days. Don’t worry and follow the instructions of your doctor. In the first five days after the surgery, you may feel a sharp pain that goes away slowly. Pain or swelling may persist longer (maybe a couple of weeks)

Risks and side effects
If you decide to have breast augmentation surgery, you need to know about potential risks and side effects. Deciding to have plastic surgery operation is a personal decision and everything is related to your priorities. You need to think carefully before surgery if the benefits from breast augmentation surgery cannot weigh the potential risks and complications.
One should always remember that all surgeries (aesthetic or medical) have a long list of potential risks and complications.
But side effects can only occur in a low percentage of the patients and these side effects generally tend to go away in time.
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation surgery has these potential risks listed below:
minor bleeding / hematoma, anesthetic risk, infection, scarring, usage of wrong implant or wrong positioning of the implant, seroma, sensitivity changes on areola or breast, scar tissue near implant area (capsule contracture), leakage from or rupture of implant, wrinkle of the skin on the implant, probability of revision surgery and constant pain.