Among multiple factors that affect facial beauty, dimples are accepted to be attractive by many people. Cheek dimples are the most common ones among three types of dimples (cheek, chin and back dimples). To make this fault that comes from birth more significant, a small hole is opened between facial and skin muscles on one or both of cheeks. 
Not everyone is born with natural dimples, but demands for dimples increased three times in last few years due to the increase of their popularity and facial cosmic surgeries.
  • Instructions before dimple cosmetic surgery  
    Do the following before going through a dimple cosmetic surgery:
    • Do not eat or drink anything at least 6 hours of the operation.
    • Stop smoking at least 2 weeks before and until 2 weeks after the operation. 
    • Avoid consuming alcohol a week before the operation.
    • Do not put on contact lenses, jewelry, make up, and nail polishes on the operation day.
    • Certainly follow the oral care instructions of your physician at least 2 weeks before and until 2 weeks after the operation.

How is the dimple creation surgery made? 
Dimple cosmetic surgery is one of the easiest operations. The operation is made under local anesthesia and takes less than an half hour.
In order to create artificial dimples, the patient’s mouth is cut by surgeons and then a hole is opened in the cheek muscle. Hence, our dimples becomes visible not when the face stands steady but it moves.

Dimple creation surgery and postoperative care 

You will feel a slight swelling and pain after the operation. However, these will disappear in less than two weeks. The stitches get dissolved and look more natural.

As oral cavity is full of bacteria, antiseptic mouthwash is used twice in a day to keep the mouth microbe-free. If necessary, your physician will prescribe medicines to ease the pain and give convenient antibiotics.

In some cases, it is possible that the dimple can disappear in time, but this operation can be repeated, easily