Everyone accepts the strong effect of eyes in facial beauty. There are some factors that cause eyes to look older and be unattractive. They generally occur as part of genetics or aging process. Sagging eyelids provide an example for these processes. They make you look old and also disturb your sight. The solution is Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery. 
The eyelid cosmetic surgery or blepharoplasty is preferred by thousands of people to improve the appearance of eyes and solve these problems. It is also used for the treatment of the following situations:
• Under-eye swelling and bags
• Under-eye bags
• Sagging lower eyelids
• Loose skin and lower eyelid wrinkles
• Deformations in eyelids

    What Should Be Done Before the Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery?
Your priority should be finding a cosmetic surgeon who is experienced and certified by the health authorities. As blepharoplasty is the fourth most popular operation in Iran, you can trust in our highly skillful surgeons in this field.
You should know that the blepharoplasty operation does not change the shape of your eyes. It makes your eyes look more open and tightens the loose skin around your eyes. As a result, you will achieve a more renewed appearance.
Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that you should stop taking aspirin before the operation in order to decrease excessive bleeding during the operation.

      How Is the Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery Made? 
 Generally made under local anesthesia, blepharoplasty is a quite complex operation. In case that general anesthesia becomes necessary, an injection will be given to you through vascular access.
Depending on your situation, the operation can be made on the upper lids, lower lids or both of them. Your surgeon makes accurate marks on your skin to find out how much of your skin should be removed from where. During the operation, little and sensitive cuts are made on upper or lower eyelids, so the marks will not be seen after the operation.
Moreover, it should be also forgotten that your surgeon can advise you to go through eyebrow or facelift operations to achieve the best result.

Postoperative Care after the Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery 
Swelling is a normal situation. It can be beneficial to apply cold compression. It is also normal to have irritations and dry eyes. Surgeons can prescribe eye drops to help. At least for one week after the operation, do not put on make up or use contact lenses. It will help you decrease the risk of infection and swelling. The cuts recover in two weeks