Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
Having started to be used also in gall bladder, pancreas, lung, liver, gastric and intestinal surgeries thanks to developing technology, laparoscopic surgery – VATS – Minimally Invasive Technique, colloquially known as closed method, ensures healing in a short time. Bleeding is far less in laparoscopic surgery comparing to open surgery and laparoscopic surgery is performed with less incisions, translating into a cosmetic advantage.

Fields of Use
Cancer Surgeries
Obesity Surgery
Endocrine Surgery 

Advantages of Laparoscopic Surgery
Lesser Pain
Lesser risk of infection
Safer Surgery
Smaller Wounds
Fast healing
Shorter Stay in Hospital
Returning to Daily and Business Life Sooner

Proctology, which is a new concept in our country, deals with diagnosis and treatment of diseases in large intestine (colon), rectum (the final segment of large intestine close to anus), and anal canal (anal region).
Many diseases, ranging from hemorrhoid to anal fissure, from rectocele to large intestine cancers (colon and rectum cancers), fall into the field of interest of Proctology.

Surgical Gastroenterology
The department deals with minimally invasive treatments such as thoracoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries to ensure patients’ comfort without sacrificing the rules of cancer surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is performed for the treatment of reflux, which is among the common diseases of our age and affects a large part of the population, and thus, the risk of cancer is reduced and the patients’ quality of life is boosted.

Colorectal Surgery Clinic
Patients are provided with chance of more comfortable, safer, easier and quicker recovery by laparoscopic surgery for the treatment of colorectal cancers, also known as gastrointestinal tumors, in General Surgery Clinic of ElixirMed Hospitals. Technological superiority of the laparoscopic surgery and the care services at or beyond the international standards by our experienced team are among the reasons of preferring our clinic.

“General Surgery Clinic of ElixirMed Hospitals not only provides the patients with treatment, but also instructs them so as to enable them steer a new direction to life.”

Obesity and Diabetes Surgery Clinic
Being one of the most important diseases of our age, obesity is not only an aesthetic problem but also one of the obstacles against a healthy and quality life. Obesity Clinic is a division of General Surgery Department and gastric reduction or gastric bypass is performed, resulting in loss of excess weight by 70 percent. Initial outcomes are recognized within 6 months, while the full effects will be visible at the end of 18 months, and in this method, the patient takes a step towards a new life under guidance of psychologist and dietician before and after the surgical procedure. Rate of successful patient-oriented outcomes reaches to 90% in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes.

Endocrine Surgery
Today, the diseases of Thyroid and Parathyroid glands can be operated on with neuromonitoring technology to conserve the vocal cords, and small incisions can be made in various minimally invasive methods. Laparoscopic method is used for the treatment of adrenal gland tumors to maximize patient comfort and cosmetic outcomes. Endocrine Surgery Center renders diagnosis and treatment services by the cooperation of General Surgeon, Nuclear Medicine Specialist and Radiation Oncologist.

Breast Surgery
ElixirMed Hospitals knows that early diagnosis has vital importance in breast surgery. ElixirMed Hospitals has a powerful diagnostic technology with ultrasound, mammography and breast PET modalities and comes to the forefront with multidisciplinary practices. Department of Breast Surgery renders services by a team that consists of Radiologists, Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Plastic Surgeons and Psychiatrists. ElixirMed Hospitals is aware of the fact that early diagnosis is of vital importance for the successful treatment of breast diseases. The hospital is equipped by a series of impressive diagnostic devices including cutting-edge ultrasound, mammography and breast PET scanner.