Aging is one of the factors that makes skin sag and creates unattractive neck lines. Many men and women prefer neck lift operation to get rid of the unpleasing appearance. The neck lift surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic operations that are made by highly qualified Turkish surgeons for patients from all around the world. 
 What should be done before a neck lift surgery?

Avoid smoking three weeks before and after the operation because nicotine hinders blood circulation and slows down the recovery period.
You should also avoid taking aspirin and vitamin E as they increase risk of bleeding and can cause complications during the operation.
To prevent dehydration, do not do sports a day before the operation.
To decrease swelling after the operation, cut down on salt consumption before the operation; up to two grams per day ideally.

 How is the neck lift surgery performed?
Three types of the neck lift surgery are shortly explained below.
This technique is suggested for reshaping and rejuvenating the neck in case that the adipose tissue accumulates in the neck, but the skin must be elastic. Additionally, it is performed for ‘double-chinned’ individuals. In this method, an incision is made under the chin and fat is removed. 

In cervicoplasty, very loose and sagging skin will be removed from the neck to achieve a tight appearance. This technique is also made with a little incision under the chin.
Sometimes it can be combined with neck liposuction to achieve an effective and desired result.
The surgeon can decide to use this method to tighten the separated and weak muscles. To achieve a more effective result, the method can be combined with cervicoplasty.
Depending on the surgical technique, the operation lasts 1 to 4 hours. The operation is generally performed under general anesthesia, but combination of sedation and local anesthesia is also possible through a vascular line.
Recovery period and instructions after the neck lift surgery 
It is strongly suggested that the patient should spend a night at the hospital. 
The stitches will be removed in a week.
Bruises and swelling disappear approximately in 2 weeks,.
You can make up after two weeks.
Avoid physical activities that increase heart rate for approximately two weeks.