Chest Diseases (Pulmonary Medicine)

Chest Diseases (Pulmonary Medicine)

Along with the diagnosis andtreatment of various chest and pulmonary diseases and lung cancer, severalallergic tests are also assayed in Pulmonary Medicine Department of ElixirMedHospitals. Moreover, alternative treatments are offered in the department for sleepdisorders, sleep apnea and snoring, which are all secondary to pulmonarydiseases.


Services available in our clinic

Advanced Diagnosis andManagement of Lung Cancer

Lung Volume Reduction Coils(LVRC)

Allergy Tests

Argon Laser Coagulation

Diagnosis and Management ofAsthma

Balloon Dilatation andResection

Bronchoscopic Diagnosis andTreatment Methods

Bronchoscopic Valveprocedure

Mechanical Resection andCleaning, including “Core-out”

Diagnosis and Treatment ofInterstitial Lung Diseases

Diagnosis and Management ofCOPD


Laser Bronchoscopy

Rigid Bronchoscopy

Lung Diseases secondary toSmoking and Quitting Smoke

Respiratory SystemInfections

Diagnosis and Management ofTuberculosis

Diagnosis and Management ofSleep Respiratory Disorders

Pneumonia, Bronchitis