Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology

Chemotherapy is used, by Medical Oncology department, to manage brain tumor, lung cancer, prostate tumor, colorectal cancer, gastric tumor, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer and gallbladder tumor as well as head and neck tumor, kidney tumor and gynecological cancers. Chemotherapeutic agents – the drugs that kill the tumor, are administered through various routes, such as intravenous, hip, oral and intrabdominal. In chemotherapy, it is necessary to protect the patient against side effects, while chemotherapy is performed efficiently. Other treatment options are targeted treatments and immunotherapy. Medical Oncologists of ElixirMed Hospitals aim anti-cancer protection, preventing or slowing down the spread of cancer by chemotherapy and eliminating the residual tumors following operations and radiotherapies.

  • · HIPEC

Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) implies instilling warmed chemotherapy directly into the abdominal cavity during surgery.In contrast with the systemic chemotherapy, HIPEC penetrates directly into the intra-abdominal cancer cells. This treatment modality enables administering chemotherapy at higher doses. Bio-availability of chemotherapeutic agent increases in cancer cells since the solution is warmed, and postoperative microscopic intra-abdominal cancer cells are destructed.

  • · Personalized Anti-cancer

treatment demographics of the patient are very important, including but not limited to genetic characteristics, age and gender. Cancer Center of ElixirMed Hospitals takes into consideration these factors before treatments are employed.“Personalized anti-cancer treatment is adopted in the Cancer Center. Specialized cancer surgeries are carried out in ElixirMed Hospitals, wherein intensive care support is vitally important. Patients are discharged within the shortest time possible, thanks to qualified physicians, well organized critical care and state-of-the-art technology. The family screening that is available in the Center helps to identify the family members, who are at risk of cancer.”

  • · Treatment Methods for Efficient Management of Cancer
    • Radiotherapy
    • Nuclear Medicine
    • Radiation Oncology