Percutane-FUE Technique

Percutane-FUE Technique



Hair transplant expert mentioned hair transplant techniques that have been developed recently and have been applied by experts and specialists had given impressively successful. 

Recently the special technique for the microchannels PPM-C is the most popular technique and this technique had been developed of usual FUE technique, which called transplantation by pen
The reflection of the natural image of hair after the transplantation with PPM-C makes it the most chosen. 


The grafts will be taken from the donor area and transported to the area that will be transplanted after opening special micro holes for the grafts by using a special advanced pen, which contains sharp and tiny needles. 

The Doctor says by using (PPM-C) technique the density and informality will more and will be at the same depth also giving the hair the suitable direction 100% and the operation will be done by using local Anastasia. 
Also, the grafts could be different from person to other that’s why circular holes being opened according to the size of the bulb in the area of implantation. In this case, we guarantee to put the bulb directly and completely in the channel.

By using this technique, the hair will gain natural look and high density reduces of losing grafts. If we compare it with other technique, it will give 15% better results.