Painless Anesthesia By Comfort in

Painless Anesthesia By Comfort in


An injection without needles, is that even now perhaps one or the other readers will ask now. The answer: Yes, that works! With the Comfort-In system, which injects the local anesthesia directly under the scalp without any needles. 
So it’s great for patients who are afraid of getting an injection. 
The injection of the anesthetic happens so to speak in “high speed”. There is a spring in the piston of the Comfort In System. At the lower end there is a nozzle with a piston in which the anesthetic is filled. The lower opening of the piston is about 0.15 mm in size and can be filled with 0.5 ml of an anesthetic (which is quite sufficient in a hair transplant). When the trigger on the top of the stylus is pushed, the piston in the nozzle will shoot down. 
As a result, such a high pressure builds up in a short time that the anesthetic is injected directly through the skin into the underlying tissue. The piston has only about a third of a second of contact with the skin. This makes the application virtually painless. Only the moment in which the anesthetic gets under the skin, can be perceived as something unpleasant. 
In addition, the surrounding tissue is not injured because no needle is used. The risk of infection via the puncture wound is thus virtually eliminated. Thanks to a special system that is integrated directly into the Comfort In Pen, the dosage can be individually adapted to the patient. 
Needle-free injection offers some advantages over the subcutaneous (ie the skin). Anesthetic administered in this way usually works faster and can be started earlier. 
The injection procedure with the Comfort-In System is certified and patented and easy to use anywhere on the head.

You are interested in a hair transplant and would like to get the local anesthetic with the comfort-in-system? 
Please talk to us!

  • Can be applied easily anywhere on the scalp
  • No wounds and no infection risks
  • Patented and certified technique
  • Simple, fast and thrustworthy treatment method
  • Anesthesia will be done without any syringe and with almost no pain..
  • Thanks to this technique it’s easier to dosage the anaestetic and it can be modified individually.
  • The anaesthetic will be spread faster though the air injection and a better effect will be reached
  • The anesthesia technique is much faster and pleasent thanks to the low puncture of 0,15mm and the Liquid-Set sytem.



           LESS             PAIN

    We don’t need any needle for the local anesteshia, therefore you will feel less pain. You will feel a little bit pressure for some seconds, that’s it!


  • NO NEEDLE Despite feeling less pain , your body also doesn’t need to deal with wound healing. Also, there are no risks for infection


  • PRESSURE TECHNIQUE Anesthesia without needle? Yes! Thanks to the newest developments it’s possible to place the anaesthetic under the scalp. .