Six-pack aesthetics is a minimally invasive plastic surgery for those that want a well-shaped six-pack. This surgery involves taking out some fat tissue that is covering the muscles and moving some fat to predefined locations for the patient to have the tight and flat six-packed stomach.

A muscled body is wanted by many young people and they proceed to adopt many different methods. Tough body-building exercises and different supplements are considered to be the first thing that comes to mind for a six-pack but the fat tissue over the muscles hinders this goal. Losing this fat tissue is a tough and long process.
Six-pack aesthetics is a fast solution to lose this fat tissue and have a muscled stomach. People who are fed up with tough exercises and diets may find six-pack surgery beneficial. Even if a six-packed stomach is not popular among woman, six-pack surgery for women is an alternative way to form feminine features. 
Are you a good candidate for six-pack esthetic surgery?
Since sticking to a healthy diet promotes maintaining the six-pack, dieters like that are best candidates for six-pack surgery.

Some men and women patients who have gone through abdomen lifting surgery can have six-pack esthetic surgery after they have been fully healed. Patients who have the least fat tissue on their stomach are also the best candidates. During examination your doctor will squeeze your stomach and if it will protrude for more than 5 cm, you are not yet eligible for this surgery because of the excessive fat tissue. For that reason, before the main surgery, having a liposuction procedure is recommended. Six-pack esthetic surgery is a pretty safe procedure that doesn’t have significant complications.
How Six-Pack Esthetic Surgery is done? 
Six-pack esthetic surgery is a stand-up procedure. Your surgeon marks the areas to be changed. After that, under local and general anesthetic, an incision is made to your abdomen and with the help of cannula, specific fat pockets are taken out attentively. The plastic surgeon will draw dashed lines through your abdomen. 
This fat removing process outlines the six-pack muscles. After that, little incisions are closed, if necessary. The surgery generally takes about an hour.
Things to do before Six-Pack esthetic surgery
Like other surgeries, Six-Pack surgery also has some general instructions to follow. Some of them are listed below:

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol several weeks before your appointment, the sooner the better. 

Don’t forget to have a consultation meeting with your surgeon
Ensure that you have a safe ride home after getting discharged from the hospital
12 hours prior to surgery do not eat anything
Do not take supplements and medications several weeks before surgery, especially anti-inflammatory drugs. 
Follow your surgeon’s instructions
If needed by your surgeon, have a blood test
After the surgery, be sure that you will have a healthy diet
How is the recovery period after Six-Pack esthetic surgery? How is the post-operative care?
There are some post-operative care procedures for Six-Pack esthetic surgery. These are indicated below:
Except bath times, wear a compression clothing for three to six weeks
Use the drugs your surgeon has prescribed
Painkillers are helpful
Limit your exercise
You can return to your normal routine after 1 to 2 weeks. After six months, you will notice your outlined muscles and you will enjoy them
What are the common side effects and risks of having Six-Pack esthetic surgery?
While the Six-Pack esthetic surgery is considered a minimally invasive and safe surgery, there are some probable but rare risks that are needed to be aware of. Some of the complications are these: scarring, infection, sensory loss near surgery area, indentation on muscles, wound reopening, temporary discomfort, nerve damage, vein damage, effusion, skin necrosis.
The aforementioned risks are probably on any surgery. Most of them can be treated and are exceptionally rare occurrences.